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Welcome to today’s Wordle answer Thursday, 07 December 2023! Wordle has taken the internet by storm as a popular online word game where players guess a five-letter word in six attempts. The game is a fun way to improve vocabulary and language skills, and it has become a daily ritual for many. The Wordle answer for today’s puzzle will be revealed shortly, so let’s find out which five-letter word stumped players today!
Wordle was introduced and rapidly became well-known all over the world. Since then, it has developed into a mobile game that is hard to put down. The game’s straightforward yet difficult puzzle design makes it perfect for casual play, players must identify a five-letter phrase while getting suggestions to help them along. Read more for Answer for Today’s Wordle 2023.

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There are times when it can be challenging to figure out the daily solution, even for seasoned Wordle players. There might be words in some of the replies that are particularly difficult or that the participants have never heard of before.

Answer for Today's Wordle
Answer for Today’s Wordle

There is no shame in occasionally requiring a clue, though. Below you’ll find the Wordle hint for today and its solution. The hint will give a clue to the answer without revealing too much. Great job if you can figure out the puzzle using the hint! If not, you are welcome to check the solution and carry on with your Wordle streak. Today’s Wordle answer for March IS at the Bottom of the page :

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Wordle Answer for March 9th #628

What is the answer to Wordle for March 9th? The solution for Wordle puzzle #628 on Tuesday, March 9th, 2023, is “WHERE”. The answer and clues for Wordle #628 will be released on March 8th, 2023.

Wordle Answer for March 7th

What is the answer to Wordle for March 7th? The solution for Wordle puzzle #626 on Tuesday, March 7th, 2023, is “HORSE”. The answer and clues for Wordle #627 will be released on March 8th, 2023.

Wordle’s popularity is obvious. This easy but addictive word-guessing game challenges players worldwide to predict a five-letter word in six attempts. The game’s innovative feedback system helps narrow down the terms with each guess.

How do you guess the proper term when you’re stuck? We’ll cover for you. This article will discuss Wordle puzzle strategies.

Analyzing the Feedback

The key to solving any Wordle puzzle is to carefully analyze the feedback provided by each guess. The feedback consists of three types of squares: black squares represent correct letters in the correct position, white squares represent correct letters in the wrong position, and blank spaces represent incorrect letters.

Examine the dark squares in your feedback first. These stand for letters that are unquestionably correct and in the proper order. Use this information to limit your choices for open vacancies.
Now concentrate on the white squares. These stand for letters that are accurate but are positioned incorrectly. Use this information to further reduce the possibilities you have for the open positions. You can determine where the letters go by paying attention to the letters that are present in the white areas.

Lastly, consider the empty spots. These stand for letters that are entirely absent from the term. Use this knowledge to cross letters off your list of potential candidates for each position.

Using Wordle Word Patterns

Using word patterns is another important tactic for resolving Wordle problems. In the English language, word patterns are collections of letter combinations that appear in numerous words. You can quickly reduce the list of potential words by finding word patterns that correspond to the feedback from your predictions.

For example, if your feedback includes a black square for the letter “A”, and a white square for the letter “B”, you might try guessing words that contain the pattern “A_B__”. Some possible words with this pattern include “acaba”, “alibi”, and “ambar”.

You can find word patterns online or in books of word lists. Some websites even have search functions that allow you to enter the feedback from your guesses and find possible words that match.

Brainstorming Word Lists

Another tactic is to generate a list of potential words if you’re truly struggling to come up with the correct word. Write down all the five-letter words that come to mind first, then whittle the list down based on the responses to your guesses.

You can delete any words that don’t contain the letter “R,” for instance, if your feedback contains a black square for the letter “R”. You can further exclude words that don’t have the letters “R” and “A” in the right positions if your feedback has a white square for the letter “A” in it.

Make further edits to your list until you are left with a few choices. Then, try each phrase with your remaining guesses until you locate the right one.


Solving Wordle puzzles can be challenging, but with the right strategies and mindset, anyone can do it. By carefully analyzing the feedback, using word patterns, and brainstorming word lists, you can increase your chances of guessing the right word and becoming a Wordle champion.

So next time you’re stumped by a Wordle puzzle, don’t give up. Take a deep breath, use the strategies we’ve outlined in this article, and keep guessing until you find the answer.


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